Barrington Bellevue




Barrington Bellevue

  • A high quality, premium standard foosball table that is made with a classic design style.
  • Durable and robust design helps to keep this foosball table in great condition for long-term.
  • Easy to work with, with no tools needed to assemble and set-up your table upon delivery.
  • Comes with a patented style of balanced player, allowing for simple and easy assembly.
  • Adjustable leg levers add extra balance to the play, allowing for a strong, even playing field.
  • Comes equipped with everything that you need to start playing foosball as soon as it has arrived.
  • The perfect package for those who want to get more practice at home on a high-value table.
  • Great for those who need a foosball table to use at home: near to a tournament standard product.
  • 56” x 29” x 34” at 115lbs.

As part of the wider Barrington collection, the Barring Bellevue is the kind of table that makes your whole gaming experience feel a little bit more enjoyable than before. Sturdy, swift, stylish and very easy to set-up: you can see why so many people love to turn to a table like this. It’s a classic, high-energy, high intensity game that can be played at home, in a bar or anywhere outside of official tournaments. The standard is exceptional, and the level of detail is probably among the most impressive for foosball tables in the $550-600 price range.

Part of what makes this worth the cost is the immense standard of performance, though. Thanks to those impressive 15.88mm chrome plated steel rods, you have total control over everything that you do. The same is true of your solid wood hand grips and bead scorers. These help to make the whole thing easy to control and to keep track of especially who is winning in your battles.

The play field is nice and thick, too. This helps to deliver a very impressive and easy to play with playing surface that makes shots easier to score and the ball easier to move. The built-in wooden ball return also makes sure that the ball will return to your in a fraction of the normal time.

It’s this professional finish and imperious style, matched with a traditional foosball table design, that makes the Barring Bellevue a classic for so many reasons. An absolute must-have when you want something suave, sophisticated and professional.

Summary Verdict

If you want a table that takes out much of the stress and guess-work from playing, then this is probably a fine place for you to start with. The challenge with many foosball tables is setting them up properly. With this table, you get a high value system that is easily arranged and simply set up. Their unique style of players makes it easy for you to tell them apart, too, which is just another bonus of using this system.

Overall, this is the kind of foosball table that you want at home. It’s about as close to a tournament level table as you can get without having to sink in huge sums of money!