ESPN Arcade




ESPN Arcade

  • Impressive attention to detail in the design. Richly inspired by traditional ESPN Arcade models.
  • A fine pick for those who want to get something a bit more old-school for playing foosball.
  • Classic design, modern implementation: there is much to love about this foosball table.
  • Comes with a really strong finish – durable, protective material that keeps the table in condition.
  • Everything comes installed and ready to be enjoyed as soon as it arrives: assembled in moments!
  • Convenient and easy to use for both players, with a level playing surface keeping things flat.
  • Perfect playing conditions for those who enjoy a more robust playing style overall.
  • High execution of playing with strong, weighted and balanced players kept on rods.
  • Great player execution, with ball-to-all player connection for mishap-free playing.
  • Fair playing surface that helps to keep every shot feeling accurate and on-point.
  • Perfect for playing with at home or even at tournament level – made for all foosball fans.
  • 54” x 24.2” x 34” at 72.3lbs.

When you want to find a classy foosball table, the ESPN Arcade makes a wonderful place for you to start. It’s got a really easy to identify design: the kind that makes this a table that any player, beginner or professional, will be impressed by. It’s a foosball table that is made for professional enjoyment, with a game style that is incredibly easy to fall in love with. It’s also one that is good for using at home, as its relatively small size makes it easier to fit into rooms than other options.

That classic ESPN theme can make you feel like you are playing on a big TV event, too. It’s a cool foosball table for more than its look, though. With numerous features that helps it to stand out on the market overall, this is a table that is suitable for both use outdoors and in a covered outdoor section. It’s aimed at all levels of players generally, too, so it would make a good gift for a hobbyist as well as a tournament professional. For that reason, it’s a choice for those who might want to get an affordable foosball table, as this is priced at around $230.

For that reason, you can find that it makes a good choice for just making your experience a bit easier overall. Affordable, robust and pretty much suited to any player: it’s a good choice for an ESPN foosball table made for the expert and the enthusiast.

Summary Verdict

Well-made, professionally capable and more than capable of living up to standards: there’s a lot to love about the ESPN foosball table. There’s not a whole lot wrong with it, outside of the rather arduous setting up process. Get over that, though, and you’ll more or less be on the perfect pathway forward.

It’s well-made and durable, and this makes it a fine choice for a table you can use at home or in a bar. Just keep in mind that its 90-day warranty is not the best, so if anything does go wrong after that you are often on your own. That aside, it’s an excellent starting point for so many reasons.