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  • A high quality choice of foosball table for those who want something a bit more antiquated and old-school.
  • Comes in a beautiful mahogany or chestnut finish that adds a very eloquent exterior finish often missing from its competition.
  • Foosball men have rounded toe finishes, allowing for better accuracy and balance with every shot that you take on.
  • Impressive design on the table helps to combine together a more vintage finish, including the awesome Queen Anne designed legs.
  • Uses a 3-man keeper system so that you can get the most varied kind of foosball game, with the best pace.
  • Uses safety cups at either end of the rods to make sure you never need to worry about being hurt in the heat of battle.
  • Made with a rich and durable design that should last for many years to come.
  • 55” x 30” x 35” in size, weighing around 160lbs.

When you are hunting around for a foosball table with a bit of a difference, you might not be sure where to look. This Fairview Game Rooms foosball table is a fine choice, though. The immediate difference is the layout: unlike modern foosball tables, this is mostly all wood. The whole thing looks a bit more varied in terms of the style, with a rich and delicate wooden finish. This helps to add a more magisterial look to the whole table, ensuring that it carries the quality of finish that you would normally expect.

It’s designed for those who might be struggling to come up with a valid reason to install a foosball table into an all-wood room. That delicate and beautiful finish is one that you can easily love working with: it makes sure you are left with a table that looks strong, carries a really eloquent finish and generally maintains a high standard of play. Those legs help to keep every shot nice and balanced, meanwhile it’s general look helps to add a freshness that other tables don’t offer aesthetically.

If we had to complain about something, we’d probably say that it might be hard to fit into certain room designs. For those who are on the lookout for something totally different to the norm, though, this is almost certainly the place for you to start. It’s not for everyone, but its impressive performance and unique design means it’ll be perfect for someone!

Summary Verdict

While the price point of $1050 might feel a bit sore in terms of purchase cost, the Fairview Games Rooms latest offering is one that looks very noble indeed. If you are sick of standard layouts and designs for a table of this kind, then you will find that this makes an excellent choice for all number of reasons.

A must-have table when you prefer a more classically themed foosball table. If you have a room with a mostly wooden finish, then this can help to make the whole table – Queen Anne legs and everything – blend in with the rest of the look!