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The best Foosball tables reviews can provide would be players with a helpful template but there is much to know about this popular game. For example, there are many who are unaware of the rules that are associated with Foosball.

While we offer the best Foosball tables reviews, it is important to learn the ins and outs of the game first. This is how we get the absolute most out of our table.

Fortunately, Foosball rules are rather simple in nature. Let’s start by taking a closer look at the basic rules that govern game play, shall we?

Some may alter the rules for tournament play and each governing body will make their own decisions in that regard. These are the basic rules that all players need to be aware of, though.

1. Flipping a Coin To Decide First Serve

Deciding who will serve first is not always easy but thanks to a simple coin flip, this problem is eliminated right away. Once the first goal of the game is scored, the team that gave up the last goal is able to have the next serve.

In order for a legal goal to be scored, the ball must actually touch another man. If the ball rolls into the goal without any actual touching, it does not count….by the letter of the “law”, anyway.

2. Do Not Spin

If the rod that is being used makes a 360 degree rotation and the ball is not touched, this is also against the rules. Foosball players must be aware of the fact that this is an illegal move before game play begins.

3. Do Not Jar The Table

There are also those who will attempt to bump or jar the table to create an unfair advantage for themselves. This is when the rods are slammed against the table, in hopes of knocking the ball loose while another player has it in their possession. No jarring can take place at any point during the actual game.

The rods can be moved back and forth, so that the other player can defend their goal. This is perfectly legal. A player cannot bump into the table, either. There are some Foosball players who will decide to relax this rule and it can be enforced subjectively, so be sure to inquire before gaming begins in earnest.

4. Dead Ball Rules

Let’s say that the ball has found a way to stop directly in the middle of the rods. In these instances, the ball needs to picked up off the table. From there, the ball is returned to the team that gave up the last goal. If the ball comes to a stop on the defensive side of the table, it must be placed back into playing position immediately. This keeps players from forcing dead balls in hopes of staving off opposition goals.

5. When The Ball Is Out of Play

There will always be moments when the ball takes a hop, skip and jump right off the table. When these moments occur, the ball is given to the last player that was scored on.

6. Bar Passing Rules

These rules do not always apply to casual Foosball players and are typically utilized in a tournament setting. The rules are not applied to the other passing rods that will be used and only apply to the 5 bar. After a serve has taken place, the player must make a pass within 10 seconds.

The ball cannot remain stopped at the 5 bar for a period that exceeds 15 seconds. The ball must also touch multiple men on the bar before being advanced forward. The ball cannot touch the wall more than twice before being advanced, either.

The best Foosball balls are those that are easiest to pin down and grip. Otherwise, sending them up the field is nowhere as easy as you will anticipate. Textured balls and corked balls will work best in these instances. For example, a Foosball player will typically want to purchase their balls from certain companies.

Shelti, Tornado and Dynamo provide balls when their tables are purchased and these balls are considered among the best that money can buy. This is not a purchase to skimp on, by the way. Those who are willing to spend more will receive a much higher quality than those who are looking to pinch pennies.

Plastic balls should be avoided. Balls that have a shiny finish are also not in your best interests. These balls are much harder to pin down than the textured balls and create far more noise during game play. If you have not purchased the proper Foosball balls, do not worry. This is one of the easiest areas to upgrade.

The dimensions of the table that is selected are also very important. The space that is needed will depend on the table’s size and the dimensions of the room that it is being placed in. The standard size table requires an area of at least 8 by 7 feet. Other Foosball table dimensions will require some additional planning before they are installed.

The length of the rods and the Foosball table dimensions are important in these instances. Let’s say that the table is much larger than the standard size. If so, this means that the length of the table and the length of the table’s rods must be added together.

From there, the table’s width and the length of the rods are also factored in. If the table happens to be 50″ and has a width of 26″ (with 40″ rods), this means that a 90″ by 116″ playing space is needed. Players need to have freedom of movement. It never hurts to be cautious in these scenarios.

So what does this mean? What is the bottom line? Any table that is set up will require a bare minimum, spacing wise. 10 feet by 10 feet is a good rule of thumb to work with in these instances. This is all the space that is needed to properly fit a table and any other advice when it comes to Foosball table dimensions is not necessary.

There are a wide range of Foosball tips that are designed to improve our games. Whether you could use some assistance with your offense or your defense, we are here to help:

1. Improving Your Shooting

Most Foosball players will decide to grip their handles too hard. This leads to erratic shooting. However, it is best to keep a looser grip on the handles. This allows for easier shooting and keeps the player from accidentally creating a greater level of resistance.

Is there a gap between the skin that is responsible for connecting the index finger, thumb and the handle? If so, this is a sure sign that the player is making the right decisions as far as their shooting form is concerned. The skin should not ever be wrapped around the handle completely. This only serves to impede shooting.

2. Tips For Serving

Even something as simple as serving can be altered for future success. This is one of the most crucial Foosball tips. A player is allowed to serve the ball to themselves on the drop and this is a part of the rules. Those who decide to simply drop the ball through the hole are only making it easier for their opponents to score.

The ball needs to be spun on the drop, so that the opponent is not able to get to it as easily. The men on the 5 bar rod at midfield need to have first crack at it. Those who learn how to drop the ball properly give themselves a hidden advantage and can enjoy more possessions over the long haul.

3. Defensive Pointers

This is arguably the most important area of game play. While the average player is probably well aware of Foosball tips that are geared towards boosting goal scoring abilities, the experts will tell you that defense wins championships. For starters, the two defensive rods must move as one.

It becomes much easier for the opponent to score when these bars are not moved in a coordinated manner. This keeps the defenders from potentially overlapping each other as well. The men should be spaced apart and players will want to make sure that there is a lack of space for the Foosball to get through.

Players should always remain on the defensive. The ball needs to be followed, no matter where it is on the table. The two outside Foosball men need to be positioned so that ricochets do not take place. Do not move them for any reason. They should not be used to defend actual shots. This keeps accidental bounces and self scores from taking place.

Be sure to avoid predictability. If the opponent is able to learn your movements and patterns, this makes it easier for them to score. Don’t continuously defend the same opponents in the same ways. The entire goal does not need to be covered and the usage of similar motions must be avoided at all costs. Those who do not follow this advice are giving their opponents a major advantage.


It is important to do all of the necessary research when it comes to locating the best Foosball table. Decide how much the table will be used before allocating funds. It should go without saying but those who are going to be playing on a regular basis will be able to spend more on the best Foosball table, as opposed to players who are not planning to use the table as often.

Researching each brand that is available is also a crucial step. This is how a buyer is able to learn more about their individual needs and select the best Foosball table for their personal needs. Let’s take a closer look at the top brands in the current marketplace:


These tables have been around for a long time and they are geared towards the cost conscious player. The best part of making a purchase from KICK is receiving a guaranteed lifetime warranty on the product. This brand has been in existence for a long period of time and is a go to company for shoppers who are looking to save on this purchase.

2. Carrom

Carrom also has a wealth of experience to offer Foosball players. Their tables are affordable, family friendly and come with a number of designs. Harley-Davidson and NASCAR fans will love their tables.

3. Atomic

Atomic burst onto the scene recently but their tables are of the highest quality. These are mid level tables that are best used in the home by teens and other intermediate players. This brand has been in the business of manufacturing sporting goods for some time now, even if they are not yet well known to Foosball players.

4. Warrior

This is one of the more recognizable brands on the current marketplace. While Warrior may not have the same level of prestige as some of the other brands on this list (we will get to those shortly), the company is owned by a professional Foosball player. Brendan Flahery is dedicated to crafting American style tables that are easy to use and able to be trusted.

5. Bonzini

Bonzini makes some of the world’s finest tables and this French company is believed to be one of the more prestigious Foosball table makers in the world. These tables are crafted with maximum durability in mind. Linoleum is used for the playing field and this provides players with a maximum level of control.

6. Garlando

This Italian manufacturer is also considered to be one of the more prestigious Foosball table providers. These tables are designed for fast paced play. However, the fast pace does not come at the expense of ball control. Garlando is also the top manufacturer for those who are in search of the best Foosball tables for outside usage.

7. Tornado

Last but certainly not least, Tornado is widely considered to be the top American Foosball table manufacturer. In the market for tournament style tables? If so, Tornado is the go to brand. There are a wide range of top models to choose from. Selecting the right one for your needs is a snap.

1. Starting The Game

As described in the last sections, a coin flip is used to decide who will serve the ball first.

2. Serving

Once the coin toss takes place, the ball is put into play. If the ball makes its way off the table or there is dead ball, the team that was scored on last will receive possession. The same rules apply after a goal is scored.

3. Offensive 5 Bar

There is no spinning allowed while the player is on offense. Shots can be taken from the 5 bar, though. The 3 bar needs to remain in the catch position at all times.

4. Offensive 3 Bar

As for the offensive 3 bar, the player will have ten seconds to take their shot. No spinning allowed and for best results, the player should take their time. Maneuver the ball as close to the goal as possible before shooting.

5. Defensive Bar

Adapting to the opponent’s style of play is key. Pay close attention to their movements. Randomize the defense as much as possible.

6. Blocking In The Defensive Zone

You guessed it, there is still no spinning allowed. The 1 man on the 2 bar and the middle man on the defensive 3 bar should function as the main defenders. The outside men need to remain still, in order to avoid ricochet goals.

7. Clearing In The Defensive Zone

Stop the ball for best results and don’t make the mistake of shooting on goal. This may create a prime scoring opportunity for the opponent.

8. Victory!

The first person to make it to five points (or the designated score) is the winner.