kettler weatherproof




Kettler Weatherproof

  • Richly detailed outdoor foosball table that is entirely weatherproof for long-term outdoor use.
  • Made with a glass playing field that keeps the ball moving simply and slickly along the surface.
  • Steel, sturdy telescopic rods with an anti-rust chromium plating that makes the difference.
  • Side and corner rails always help to keep the ball in play without any issue.
  • Unbreakable players are moulded onto the rods, allowing for top quality reactions with each play.
  • Comes with a cover that you can attach for weather protection as well as a series of five balls.
  • Adjustable leg levelers allows for you to get the game as balanced as you possibly want.
  • Corner ramps allows for 1-goalie and 3-goalie systems for your own gaming preference.
  • Cabinet is made to made to last for many years to come and to vastly improve performance.
  • 58” x 46” x 35” in size, easy to move and adjust both indoors and outdoors with 2 people.

When looking for a good quality foosball table that can be used outside, KETTLER is a good starting point. They excel in the creation of high-quality foosball tables that are made to handle the weather. This can easily withstand the elements and should make it easy for those summer tournaments to take place in more comfortable climates overall.

It’s a fine choice for those who want an impressive overall standard of table, with telescopic rods that aren’t likely to wear out anytime soon. They also come without needless poking out, meaning you aren’t going to hurt yourself as you play either. A fine choice for those who want to have access to a table that suits both 1-keeper and 3-keeper playing styles and rules.

A great choice overall, this is a kind of foosball table that makes more ambitious playing standards quite easy for you to work with. It’s not just a good choice for those who want to play outdoors, though. For the price range of around $1000, you get a highly valuable and affordable foosball table that is good indoors and outdoors.

However, when you want to find a classy and reliable outdoor foosball table, start here!

There’s a reason that so many people come back to this time and time again. It might not be fully tournament standard, but it really is not a million miles off that level of quality.

Summary Verdict

So long as you set this up properly and follow the instructions provided (which are quite simple), this should offer a very fun and level playing field. Just be sure to double-check the balance, though, as some people do have issues with keeping the balance correct without some regular adjustment.

One thing we will say, though, is that the chrome plating will not last forever. Don’t expect the quality of the chrome to last longer than a year or two of constant weather assault. It’s not a problem that you should really need to worry about, though: so long as you care for the model and cover it properly, problems with the chrome plating coming off should become a thing of the past.